5 Ways OPEn Checklists are Better than Paper

Checklists are a critical step toward operational consistency.  Most commonly people start out with paper checklists; however, checklists in the Operations Process Engine (OPEn) have numerous advantages over paper. 

Here are the top 5:

  1. OPEn checklists automatically show you who marked an item complete, and when they completed the item.

2. OPEn checklist items can also be scored.  This can be very useful for Site Inspections and Test Car Quality Checks.


3.  When you use checklists in OPEn, you have the option of getting an email when the checklist has been completed (or sometime when a checklist was not completed.)


4.  OPEn Checklists can be configured to be completed over time.  For example, imagine that you wanted to have a new hire training checklist that had items timed to be completed throughout the first 90 days.  

5.  Be as dynamic as possible.  No need to get paper checklists reprinted.  Checklist templates can be quickly and easily modified as your team makes operational adjustments. 



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