OPEn: The Operations Process Engine

The Operations Process Engine (OPEn) is an adaptation of a preventative maintenance solution that was originally created at Southland Auto Wash in Grand Rapids, MI.  In addition to preventive maintenance, the system also includes operational checklists, and problem reporting.

OPEn provides a large number of car wash specific equipment and preventative maintenance tasks that are “built-in”. The intent is to get your organization into a productive routine as soon as possible. If you have your own specific PM tasks, that is fine too; you can easily override our suggestions and use your own specific guidelines.  In addition to PM, we know that teams typically operate with checklists for normal processes (ex: opening checklist).  OPEn provides a centralized way to manage the content of your operational checklists and check the status lists.  Finally, although your teams may know what needs to be done normally, they may not know what to do when a problem comes along.  OPEn makes problem reporting easy so that operational issues can get addressed quickly.

Since we will be marketing the solution specifically to car wash industry, we are excited to see how the product will continue to mature, based on the specific needs of the industry.

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