What do Pilots, Surgeons, and Successful Car Wash Managers Have in Common?

Imagine being a patient and going into surgery.  How much better would you feel if you knew that the team caring for you always followed a detailed surgery prep process?

As a passenger on a plane, you trust that the pilot has confirmed that there is enough fuel for the flight, that all of the gauges are functional, and that all of the equipment is working.

Even the most experienced surgeons, pilots, and other professionals use checklists as a means to administer uniform results and positive outcomes.

Why shouldn’t professional car wash organizations also rely on checklists as a means to deliver consistent customer service? Here is a hint: successful organizations do!

Even if you don’t use a tool like OPEn, make sure that operational expectations are clearly communicated to your team.  By using checklists, your teams can convert customer service goals into consistent results.   Opening / Closing Checklists are an essential.  Training checklists and other operational checklists will help your team deliver top notch customers service day in and day out for years to come.

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